Umbrella Solutions



We partnered up with Paico Umbrella to offer you the best umbrella payroll experience you can ever have.

At Paico Umbrella, we work hard to offer contractors simple, practical and compliant umbrella solutions.  We understand that no one size fits all, so we deliver bespoke solutions that offer real choice and first-class service.

We offer:

  • Competitive margin.
  • One continuous employment for all of your assignments (which would help in your loan or mortgage applications).
  • Full employment rights and benefits.
  • Slick, user- friendly and robust online portal.
  • Notification via SMS when your payment is on its way to your bank account.
  • A dedicated support manager to help deal with your queries in real-time.

What we offer

Easy Contracting

Taking Care of Your Compliance Burden

Prompt and Accurate Payment

Guaranteed full employment right

Full Insurance Cover

Continuity of Employment

One Tax Code

Access to Pension

Reward and Cashback Package 

And other discounts and offers worth hundreds of pounds in day to day savings.

For Recruitment Agencies and End Clients, you can count on us for a simple, transparent and efficient process that delivers maximum return.  We pride ourselves on friendliness, a personal touch and excellent customer service.  We are a compliant umbrella company, fully audited and approved by PROFESSIONAL PASSPORT.   We keep contractors right up to date with legislation changes and industry trends ensuring that they are in the services that suit their circumstances.  You can rest assured that:

  • The correct NI/tax deductions are made.
  • Auto-enrolment pension deductions are made.