How can mobile phones influence your care business?

mobile phones in care

How can mobile phones influence your care business?

We will focus on nursing agencies and home care providers, because this is what we do.

My answer now: my phone has been on silent since 2012!

Do you know what that means? People hate phone calls. Big time! We have to accept it whether we like it or not. I personally hate phone calls.

Here is what happened to me. It shocked me a bit and opened my eyes. I was aware of these things but I didn’t realise how “bad” it was until I went to pick up my car from the garage. I am saying “bad” because it can be good for your business, IF you adapt.

While waiting for my car I picked up Audi’s monthly or quarterly newsletter (not sure). The information I will share with you now is from their newsletter. All credit to them. My opinion, if Audi doesn’t do the research properly, nobody does.

Here are a few facts from the article:

  • 75% of British citizens own a mobile phone; a quarter of them don’t use it for it’s original intention; they use their mobile to manage their life or business;
  • the first thing a lot of people do after they wake up is to reach for their mobile phone; they switch off the alarm then check their email, bank account, notifications on social media, messages, number of visitors on their website, news and maybe weather;
  • majority of people hate phone calls these days, even if they are scheduled; they use email or chat tools instead; when the phone rings and its someone I don’t have in my contacts list my first reactions is “Oh God… what now?!”; personally I associate phone calls with trouble;
  • people buy everything online, make transactions, check bank balance, read books, stream music, order taxi; call someone? No!

You can say it’s wrong, I don’t care and nobody cares. This is what is happening today and we can’t change that.

Here is the report from Google on this website. There are only a few things you can do on a desktop and not on a mobile phone.

google report on mobile vs desktop

The person that wrote the article in the Audi’s newsletter said that the phone calls are actually  rude and I agree with her. Why? Here is her argument: “Because you call me at your convenience, not mine. If it is prearranged one or both parties are left hanging around waiting for the phone call. Phone calls are also manipulative, it’s hard to say no to things on the phone, sometimes you have to fight your corner. That’s why political parties, fundraisers, sales people who think you may have been in an accident call you. They want you in that position! Send me an email and the ball is in my court”.

That is why I never call my clients. More and more people find phone calls annoying. You all know me from email or Instagram. Yes, 90% of the listings on this website are businesses that have an Instagram account! Is your business on Instagram? Do you know what a hashtag is? Are you using your mobile efficiently to boost your business? Are you on all social media platforms? If your answer is “No” then I am afraid you are a few steps behind, while your competitors have no issue stealing  your clients. In fact, by not taking action you help them do it. Appoint a person that is up to date with technology to manage your social media platforms, but don’t go without as you loose opportunities.

The way we communicate has changed. I have met many business owners that were totally against Internet marketing, they didn’t want to hear about being listed on a website or being on Instagram. I am keep mentioning Instagram as it’s very popular but there are other very popular platforms for your business. See which ones are more suitable for you and use those. Adapt! When the telephone was invented by Mr. Alexander Graham Bell it was rude to say “Hello” over the phone, he preferred “Ahoy-hoy”. Manners change. Google/websites and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) are the trend now.

Conclusion: Brand presence. Be present on every website and social media platform as this is where mobile phone users/your clients hang. Simple! Use your mobile phone in a smart way, there are better ways of finding clients or growing business than bothering them with phone calls. You kind of wasting your time, and theirs. If you don’t know how, let others do it for you. A young skilled receptionist can grow your Instagram to 100 followers in two days.  And yes, if you are a Home Care Service or a Nursing Agency you can list your business on this website too by following this link.

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