Interesting facts about dementia

interesting facts about dementia

Hello. I have a few fascinating facts about dementia:

  1. There are 257 types of dementia. The most recent one (discovered in May 2019) is called LATE Dementia (limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy). Appears to be linked to the accumulation of a protein called TDP-43 in the brain.
  2. “Dementia” comes from Latin. “De” means “loss” in Latin and “mentia” means “mind”. In other words “loss of mind”. 
  3. “Dementia pugilistica” (latin) is a form of dementia caused by repeated brain concussions. It is common in professional athletes such as rugby players, boxers, footballers (back in the days the ball used to be quite heavy) etc.
  4.  Pick’s dementia is actually the Frontotemporal dementia.
  5. Korsakoff Syndrome is a type of dementia caused by low B1 vitamin. In most cases of Korsakoff Syndrome the Vitamin B1 deficiency is caused by alcohol abuse. Our body uses the Vitamin B1 to break down the alcohol.
  6. Alzheimer’s disease was discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1901 while observing one of his patients (Auguste Dieter aged 51). At that time it was considered that only adults over 65 can have dementia, that is why Auguste was such a special patient for Dr. Alois Alzheimers.
  7. Kuru Dementia is a type of dementia caused by cannibalism. Yes, cannibalism. It was discovered in Papua New Guinea when it affected an entire tribe. They used to eat the brain of the deceased during funeral rites, to show respect in mourning.
  8. Dementia is now classed as a terminal illness. Healthcare professionals to address this in the “Dementia” care plan. Encourage the person living with dementia and the family to make written advanced decisions regarding end of life care.  
  9. “Shouting” is no longer accepted as a term to be used to describe the way a person living with dementia is trying to express his/her needs. “Mrs. Blog was shouting all afternoon…” Use “over vocalisation” instead. 
  10. Individuals living with Lewy Body Dementia experience very real and detailed hallucinations that involve children, animals (wolves and snakes are very common), fire, drowning and sounds.

I recently attended a Dementia Training and I acquired this interesting facts. I thought I’ll share them with you.

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