Bed falls – elderly care

bed falls

Bed falls

How bad is it? 

Hi. I have been to a training recently and found out some interesting statistics about bed falls.

    • 21,722 falls from bed per year
    • 19,296 hospital admissions per year due to bed falls
  • 98 deaths involving a bed fall per year

Factors that contribute to bed falls

  • reduced risk awareness and insight, lack of staff training
  • difficulty with transfers and bed mobility
  • anxious, agitated, aggressive behaviours
  • uncontrolled movements
  • hallucinations and delusions
  • clinical conditions such as:

– Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

– learning disabilities, cognitive impairment

– movement disorders, neurological conditions

– Huntingtons

– Parkinson’s

– Epilepsy


  • need for paramedics intervention and/or hospital admission
  • injury, distress and disorientation to the user
  • deterioration in functional levels
  • disruption to care services
  • significant impact on carer
  • possible financial implications for user and care home
  • loss of dignity and confidence for user
  • anxiety and distress for family

Bed fall injuries are a well-known challenge in the care sector… but how big is the problem? The following statistics from The Health and Social Care Information Centre give an interesting insight.

bed falls by age
bed falls by age

Common injuries after a bed fall

  • head injury
  • fractured collar bone
  • fractured arm
  • bruised or sometimes fractured hip
  • bruised leg
  • other bruises

The training I attended was mainly about falls and it was sponsored by companies that presented some fantastic mobility aids. One of them was FloorBed which is a bed that lowers to the floor level (not hard to guess). I have seen this type of beds in many homes and to be fair it is the only efficient solution that minimises injuries sustained after bed falls. You can buy additional mattresses that go next to the bed, one on each side. This type of beds transform the fall into a roll.

I am not trying to sell products here, just raising some awareness and trying to help. These type of beds can be used at home or care settings.

The FloorBed was presented during the training and I am giving it as an example. Please feel free to research the market and buy the right one for you.

I hope this information helps. All the best.

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