About us

Mission Statement

Agency Care Staff aims to be a website of excellence that servers the community, healthcare staff, and care businesses such as Nursing Agencies and Domiciliary Care Providers.


We are professionals in the healthcare industry, and to be more specific: nurses. Beside our caring nature, we are very techy. We combined the two and this website came to life. Our skills, attention to detail, and work ethic allow us to help you!  

We have a good understanding of your daily struggles. We created this website to:

-help you quickly find the right Nursing Agency (by post code);

-help you find the right Home Care Service for your loved one;

-help care providers/agencies advertise their business and their jobs for free;

-help care workers (branch managers, nurses, care assistants and senior care assistants) find a job in their area.

Our mission is to create an environment that benefits everybody, a one-stop website for care businesses, service users and staff. 

For this, I invite all Nursing Agencies and Home Care Services to create an account, add their business on the website and advertise their jobs.


We work in the care sector and we know there is a large number of care settings in the UK that require temporary care staff.

Care settings often work with temporary staff but sometimes, it is very difficult to find the right ones, that cover specific needs.

Just a list of Nursing Agencies and Home Care Services?

Of course not. We didn’t want a website that just lists agencies, that is useful but only to an extent.

We offer a wide list of benefits for business that decide to be listed on our website:

  1. We are sending clients and staff to Nursing Agencies and Domiciliary Care Services
  2. Each business listed is optimised for Google (more chances to be found)
  3. Google maps module (visitors can get directions to your business)
  4. You can upload up to 6 pictures (your logo must be the main one)
  5. You can upload flyers, job adverts, announcements, events etc. (pdf format)
  6. Clients and job candidates can find your business by post code
  7. Browse businesses by region (select a county or city/town)
  8. Receive reviews and increase your popularity on the website
  9. Support – how to list your business, optimisation and maintenance
  10. Advertise jobs. Job applications go straight to your inbox
  11. Contact Form under your listing (people can send you queries straight to your inbox)
  12. You can be featured on the website (first in search results plus more benefits)

Also we want to help care settings, managers and general public to find the RIGHT Domiciliary Care Service or Nursing Agency in their area.


We have one principle: “We grow by helping others”.

Users can rate a nursing agency or a home care service. This helps nursing agencies and home care services as increases their popularity. A user can be a manager of a care setting, staff of a care setting, staff employed by the agency or members of the general public that used these two types of businesses.

Users can find nursing agencies or home care services by post code, distance or region.

Users can filter agencies by rating (ex. A rating of minimum 3 stars)

Business owners can add the following information:

– name of the business

– logo (up to 6 images)

– website

– phone number

– business address

– short description of business

– long description of business

– select a region (approx. 700 cities and towns)

– google maps module

– attachments (flyers, adverts etc.)




Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

“Agency Care Staff Ltd.”

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Email: contact@agencycarestaff.co.uk

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