A new service: podcast!


We started a new service: podcast episodes about Nursing Agencies and Homecare Providers

Yes! We do this as well. If you own a Nursing Agency or a Domiciliary Care Service (Homecare) in UK, you can be our guest in one of the podcast episodes.

We have a fully equipped room to make sure your voice sounds clean and the podcast sounds professional. I actually took a few pictures with my mobile phone.

podcast room Agency Care Staff
podcast room Agency Care Staff

Podcast is another fast growing way of marketing your business. UK has registered 6 million podcast listeners each week! What excuse you have not to come and talk to people about your business? Yeah, I thought so!

All episodes will be uploaded on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and on our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).

Don’t worry! I know what I am doing. Sound recording and editing is another skill I have. You are in good hands.

Agency Care Staff podcast
Agency Care Staff podcast

After we record the podcast I will then have to edit the voices, remove any background noise, cut unwanted sounds or other mistakes. I will add an intro and background music (if you prefer).

I bet you already have a lot of amazing topic ideas but I will share mines anyway. We will introduce ourselves then we will focus a little bit on you (the owner of the care agency). I will ask about your background and what made you start a Nursing Agency or a Homecare business. We will talk about what type of service does your care agency offer and in what area. The questions are not set in stone, we will make sure you have the opportunity to say everything you want to share about your Nursing Agency or Homecare services.

podcast room Agency Care Staff
podcast room Agency Care Staff

I work in the care sector as well so we will be on the same page. The discussion will just flow. If you are interested to try this, please get in touch with me using the Contact Form or send me an email to: contact@agencycarestaff.co.uk

In the Subject please type in “Podcast”.

Thanks a lot and I hope to meet you soon.

Attila Szelei

Founder of www.agencycarestaff.co.uk

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